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They got married. Your answer differs from mine. I wouldn't do it if I were you. She has two children. This bird can't fly. What time did you get up? I am afraid to go. One of the girls was left behind. He looks suspicious. Leave my camera alone.
Mysword Bible: - Happy Birthday.
- We competed with each other for the prize.
- My right shoulder hurts.
- I'm very hungry.
- She advised him to catch the first train in the morning.
- Could I speak to Mr. Suresh please?
- I came into a huge fortune.
- She hugged him.
- Nothing seems to grow in this soil.
- She has gone abroad.
There is no need to worry. Are you losing your mind? I am going to take two days off next week. He is very stingy with his money. Who's your favorite super hero? Hi, is Heather there please? We have no choice but to carry on. I need a favor. This does not apply to students. Let's get it over with.

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