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I want someone to talk to. Didn't you go out? You're always singing. Can you please tell me what time the train leaves? She made him a simple dinner. Beware of pickpockets. He believes that there is a spy among us. She danced with him. You like it, don't you? Who did you meet there?
Darren Shan Ebook: - Whose book is that?
- I'm bleeding badly.
- I am familiar with his music.
- This is an old book.
- Let's get off the bus.
- How's the weather thereto?
- I don't get what you mean.
- He doesn't lie.
- I thought I'd try eating Mexican food today.
- She is on a diet.
I almost forgot that it was his birthday. Tom gave up running for mayor after pleading guilty to drunken driving. She has a daughter named Mary. I'm studying English, math, and history. My major is English. Excuse my clumsiness. I promise you I'll look after you. I work at a software company downtown. I'm an engineer. We took turns driving. Tom does everything he can to save money. There is an urgent need for good legal advice.

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