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Where is Main Street? I used to feed my dog twice a day. He is two inches taller than I am. May I speak to Bill? She tried to persuade him to organize a boycott. She fell in love with him the first time she met him. Do you have a part time job? Why don't you have a party? Come and see me right now. Can you drive a car?
3d Traceroute: - Tom has at least one conviction for drunken driving.
- Could you please tell me again what school you graduated from?
- The new subway enables me to get to school in 20 minutes.
- Do you have one-day tours?
- She is cooking for him.
- Would you like anything else?
- Jim is Canadian.
- He can't have said such a stupid thing.
- Japan is not as large as Canada.
- I will never forget your kindness as long as live.
Tom got first prize, didn't he? I'm confident that I'll win the tennis match. This is Mrs. Smith. Do you know when she will come? He told me about it in private. It was a one-sided love affair. Why did you resign the job? Tom got a little bit of pie. How should I know? What's the word for it..

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